Testing Pinterest Beauty Hacks

Helloooo everyone! Today I’m going to be testing out some beauty hacks I found on Pinterest. Are they legit?? Guess you’ll have to keep reading to find out! 😉

1. Curling Your Hair With a Pencil and Straightener

I was pretty skeptical about this one. My first initial thought was, “This pencil is going to catch on fire and we’re all going to die.”

Thankfully, I survived to write this post.


First thing you’ll need is a pencil. This beautiful one is embossed with baby angels and my homeschool group’s name on it. I truly am the coolest person I know.


Next we need a straightener – mine is from Remington. Hot pink, naturally.


Wrap your hair around the pencil, then hold it from the bottom while you pass the straightener over it a few times. Beware of fires. Just kidding.


IT WORKED Y’ALL. This was the best looking curl on my head. Like, what?! This obviously isn’t the most efficient way to curl your hair, but if you don’t have a curling iron and you just need a few curls, then this is definitely the way to go. I’m still in shock.

2. Mascara in Hot Water

I’ve heard about this hack before, but I’ve never tried it until today! If your mascara is starting to dry out, put it in a glass of hot water for a few minutes. It thins it out and makes it easier to apply!


My favorite mascara is the Loreal Waterproof Voluminous in the shade carbon black.


This hack is AMAZING, and I’ll definitely be using it regularly.

3. Turn a Regular Brush Into a Fan Brush

Ever wanted to apply makeup with a fan brush, but you don’t have one? According to this hack, you can put a bobby pin on a regular makeup brush to flatten it and turn it into a fan brush.


This is the Blush Brush from EcoTools…


…and a bobby pin. No way, right?


This actually worked surprisingly well, it just took me a few tries to get the bobby pin to stay. I think it’s best to invest a few dollars in a regular fan brush, but if you’re in a life or death situation where a fan brush isn’t available, use this hack.

I had so much fun testing these out! DM me on Instagram @makeupandcoffeecups with hacks you’d like me to try, I’d love to experiment with some more ideas from Pinterest.

Love you guys!

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