5 Ways to Unwind

Holidays are stressful.

Honestly they shouldn’t be, but I know at least I’m guilty of getting so caught up in the chaos of buying gifts for everyone, baking Christmas cookies, and making sure the boxes are at least somewhat decently wrapped.

Here are five ways to unwind during the craziness of the holiday season.

1. Take a Bath


One of my favorite ways to relax is by taking a bath with a fizzy bath bomb. They smell amazing, and the colors are stunning.

2. Listen to Music

I listen to upbeat music just about 24/7, but when I want to unwind I like to listen to acoustic or instrumental jams. I have some pretty great playlists on Spotify, if I do say so myself.

acoustics – pop songs turned acoustic, featuring Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, and Charlie Puth.

just the instruments – instrumental songs featuring Lindsey Stirling, Piano Guys, 2Cellos, Jennifer Thomas, and Simply Three.

beautiful –  calm, lyrical songs featuring Coldplay, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, Adele, Christina Perri, and James Bay.

3. Drink Something Warm


If you’re trying to relax I wouldn’t recommend coffee, but I love green tea and hot chocolate.

4. Read a Book


I read almost every night before I go to bed, and it really helps get my mind off whatever craziness happened during the day.

5. Spend Some Time Alone


Probably don’t spend that time alone staring at Christmas lights like me in this picture, but it can be good to get away, even for just a few minutes.

Lots of love to you all on this icy Saturday! Stay warm. ❤