End of the Year Roundup

It’s only a few more days until the beginning of 2018, so I thought I would collect some of my most popular posts into a recap of 2017! I’ve had a blast writing for you the last several months.

Top 5 Beauty Products


In this post I featured five beauty products I can’t live without. You guys seemed to love this one, it has the most views out of all my posts!

Fall Makeup Tutorial ft. Tarte Cosmetics


This was my first-ever makeup brand collaboration! I had such an amazing time trying out the products Tarte sent me.

Top 5 Starbucks Drinks


I go to Starbucks much more often than I should, so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on their menu. 🙈 I used that knowledge to talk about my favorite five drinks from there!

My Skincare Routine


This was a highly requested post, and everyone seemed to love it! I talk about my favorite cleansers, masks, and acne treatments.

Testing Pinterest Beauty Hacks


This was so much fun to write! I tried out three beauty hacks I found on Pinterest. I was surprised by the results, as you can see from this picture. 😂

6 Songs You’ve Never Heard of + New Spotify!


I’ve since added even more to this playlist, so be sure to listen to these great songs that I bet you haven’t heard!

Interview with Madison MacGregor


I had the amazing opportunity to interview one of the stars of my favorite shows, Backstage! Madison was such a pleasure to talk to.

What I Got for Christmas 2017


I just posted this one a few days ago, but I photographed some of my gifts that I received for Christmas.

Those are just a few of my favorite posts from this year! I hope you enjoyed reading them, and that you stick around for our journey into 2018.