6 More Songs You’ve Never Heard

I love finding new songs and artists. A few months ago I posted about 6 Songs You’ve Never Heard, and you guys seemed to love it! Here are six more of my favorites that I bet you haven’t heard! You can listen to the playlist here.

1. American Dreamer – Kyd the Band

This is such a fun and upbeat song. I love the line “You make me feel like an American dreamer/ white picket fence I’ll put a rock on your finger”. So cute! I’ve had it stuck in my head for the past few days.

2. Sun Don’t Shine – Klangkarussel ft. Jaymes Young

This is a perfect song for working out. I listened to it while I was riding the stationary bike and it got me HYPE.

3. Prismo – Smile

I’m so obsessed with this song right now. It’s so catchy! If you like electronic music you’ll love this.

4. Honey and Milk – Andrew Belle

This is a much more emotional song than the previous ones, but I love it. Andrew’s voice is so beautiful.

5. Let It Go – The Neighbourhood

The sound is almost haunting in this song. It has a good message though – money and fame aren’t everything.

6. Oceans – Vallis Alps

This is a chill song that’s great to listening to when you’re relaxing. The lyrics are poetic – “This is just the final game/ the fight you gave the fight I gave up/ dismiss the words your eyes betray/ the light you gave the light I gave up”.

I hope you love these songs and the playlists as much as I do! I’ve been listening to them on repeat for days.