My Blog Journey

Hello friends!

Today I’m going to be sharing a little about my blog journey. I was requested to do this by one of my sweet blogger friends Confidence and Kisses. Definitely go check out her blog and subscribe, she has amazing content!

My first blog was called “The Introvert Owl”. (It’s private now so don’t go snooping 😉). Oh, the cringe. I wrote four whole posts on this site – “Let Me Introduce Myself”, “History and Science and Math, Oh My!”, “So This is My Cat”, and last but not least, “Summer Fun” featuring a set I made on Polyvore. All of this took place four years ago. I truly enjoyed writing, but I wasn’t cut out for the 12 year old blogger life.

If you’re following me on Instagram (which you totally should, @makeupandcoffeecups 😜), then you might have seen the Instagram stories I posted a few days ago. I was deleting bookmarks on my computer and I found one for “The Crafty Hedgehog”. Oh dear. I forgot about this one. I thought it was a great idea to post animal pictures/memes every. single. morning. No, Hannah, that’s not a good idea. Stop. This one actually lasted about 6 months, then as you can probably guess, went out to pasture. Out to pasture? Is that the right phrase? Probably not.

Just googled it. It means to retire.

Apparently I’m up on my senior citizen phrases.  👍🏻 That’s definitely going to be something to put on my resume.

Moving on.

About two years ago, I started a fashion blog called “The Vintage Prepster”. I posted OOTD’s and other clothing related posts. I actually got my first sponsored post from this blog – shoutout to Rad Swim for believing in the 14 year old with 50 subscribers! I still have the swimsuit they sent me, it’s incredible quality.

I think I stuck with that blog for about a year, but my style started to change and I felt disconnected from my original platform. I took a 6 month break from blogging to really develop my style and figure out who I wanted to be as a writer and as a person.

August 15, 2017.

That’s the day I wrote my first post on “Makeup and Coffee Cups”.

It’s brought so much joy to my life ever since, and the support from all of my readers has been incredible. Writing blog posts is something I look forward to every day.

Even though it’s been a blessing to my life, blogging has also had some negative impact on me.

When you’re an active member on social media and a reader of other fashion blogs, it’s easy to feel like you have to conform to the current styles and trends. There are so many lies presented to influencers that are tempting to believe.

If your Instagram doesn’t have a ‘theme’, you don’t put any effort into it.

If you don’t have expensive makeup, you can’t post about makeup tutorials.

I’ve had to teach myself not to listen to these things. I write the type of posts that I enjoy reading from other people, and I want to be an encouragement to other girls my age with a positive outlook on their makeup/fashion/lifestyle. There’s so much negativity on the world right now, and I want my blog and Instagram to be a place that’s free of that.

That’s my blog journey so far. Thanks for joining me, I hope you stick along for the future. ❤

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