My Current Favorite Instagram Accounts

Ahhh, it’s finally the weekend. I had three tests yesterday that were super stressful so I’m glad those are over.

I’ve been really into browsing Instagram accounts recently for inspiration, so I thought I’d share ten of my favorites! These are all “smaller” accounts, but their content is incredible! Definitely go follow them if you aren’t already.



Holly has such a beautiful account and theme! She’s so sweet and I love talking to her.



Okay, look at this stunner. 😍 Her account is breathtaking, and I love how she takes the time to respond to each message even though she’s a larger account.



Eva is the absolute definition of aesthetic. I’d love to have an Instagram feed like hers, but I know I wouldn’t be able to pull it off like she can. πŸ˜…



I honestly can’t imagine being this aesthetic at 13. I was such a dork when I was her age smh. I love the color scheme of her theme, and she’s so beautiful!



Shelby is such a talented artist! She also has the cutest floral bedding oh my goodness. πŸ˜…πŸ˜



I absolutely love this photography account! She experiments with so many themes and color schemes, there’s always something new to look at.



Shyanne is the SWEETEST girl, I love talking to her. She takes such beautiful photos, too!



This girl’s account honestly makes me so happy. I mean, look at this gorgeous art!



SUCH a cute account! Lots of succulents on it which is an automatic win from me.



A poetry and flower lover like myself. ❀

I just know you’ll love these accounts as much as I do! Have a great weekend, everyone!