Comparing Drugstore Makeup to High-End Makeup – Urban Decay VS Maybelline

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ANYWAYS, back to the post I promised you in the title. Today I’m going to be comparing the Maybelline Blushed Nudes Palette ($12) to the Urban Decay Naked3 Palette ($54). I love high-end makeup for the quality and long-lasting formulas, but, seeing as I have the budget of a 16 year old with a part time job, I don’t have that much money to spend on expensive makeup.

I’ve seen many people claim that the Blushed Nudes palette is a dupe for the Naked3 palette, but I’ve been pretty skeptical. I decided to test out that theory!


I used these four colors for my eye look – the top right all over the lid, bottom left on the outside half, bottom right in the crease and as eyeliner, and top left as a highlight in the inner corner and brow bone.

The pigment in these isn’t that great, I had to wet my brush to get a good color payoff. However, once I used the wet brush they applied beautifully!


Now on to the Naked3 palette!

I used “Dust” over the entire lid, “Trick” on the outside half, “Darkheart” in the crease and as eyeliner, and “Strange” as a highlight in the inner corner and brow bone.

These are SO pigmented, it’s honestly crazy. There is a bit of fallout, but I always apply face makeup after eyeshadow so that’s not a problem.

Here’s the finished look-



On the right is the Naked3, on the left is the Blushed Nudes. I think overall they look  similar. I didn’t blend out the left side as well as I could have, but I’m pretty happy with the results! (Side note: I have no idea why I look so disgusted in the first photo.)


This is with the Naked3…


and this is with the Blushed Nudes!

I prefer the Urban Decay because the colors are more pigmented, but the Maybelline palette definitely gave it a run for its money. I think I did a better job on the drugstore side than the high-end side, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the palettes. Just my inability to apply eyeshadow well to my right eye. 😅

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun testing out the products.

Love you guys! ❤️❤️