Things I Loved in January

Hello everyone! This post was initially supposed to go up on the last day of January, but life happened. So here we are on February 3rd. These are some things that I loved this past month!

1. Quinoa Bowls with Onion, Ham, and Coconut Aminos

So good, guys. So good. Cook 1/4 cup of quinoa and top it with sauteed onions, ham, and coconut aminos.

2. Going to Savannah

Here’s a few photos!






3. PR package from Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte is the best! They sent me their new Shape Tape Foundation to try out, along with some other goodies that will be featured in a post coming soon.

4. The album “Part Deux”

My friend just released his new album and I’m obsessed! It technically wasn’t in January, but I’m including it anyway because it’s great.

5. 600 followers on Instagram

You guys are the best! I love knowing that so many of you enjoy my content.

6. Fuzzy Boots

I’ve been wearing these Minnetonka Boots a lot this past month because it’s been SO STINKING COLD OUTSIDE.

7. Seeing Les Miserables by the original Broadway Cast

This show was absolutely incredible. The music and the set was breathtaking. I highly recommend seeing it if you ever get the chance!


Okay, that caps lock thing is an inside joke only one of my friends is going to understand. However, I love ice skating so much, even though I’m terrible at it and ended up with an open wound on the side of my ankle. Totally worth it.

9. Reconnecting with old friends

A bunch of amazing people I’ve met online over the past few years started a group chat and we’ve had the best time talking to each other! Shoutout to all the myshes out there. ❤️

10. Rewatching “Heartland” on Netflix

This is one of my all-time favorite shows, and I started re-watching it at the beginning of the year! It’s such a great show.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great rest of the weekend.

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