Comparing Drugstore Makeup to High-End Makeup – e.l.f. VS Tarte Cometics

Hey guys! Since you all seemed to love my first “Drugstore VS High-End” post, I decided to do more! Today I’m comparing the e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer ($3) to the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($27).


I immediately dislike the fact that this concealer is only available in three shades…the world is not exclusive to three skin tones. I got the shade “fair”, which is the lightest shade available.


Shape Tape is available in 14 shades! I use the shade “light”.


Shape tape on top, HD concealer on the bottom. Considering e.l.f. only offers three shades and this is the lightest, if you’re very fair this concealer won’t work for you. The Tarte concealer is much lighter, and there are three more shades available that are even more fair.


Shape Tape on the right, HD concealer on the left. For some reason my eye is a little swollen, I don’t know why. Just ignore the puffiness. 🙈

The coverage is actually pretty decent with the e.l.f. concealer! That shade is a little darker than I’d like, but it will be good in a few months when I’m more tan.

The Tarte concealer is thicker and and more full-coverage, which I like for covering up pimples. The lighter color also helps brighten under-eye circles more effectively than the other.

I’m going to have to stick with the Shape Tape on this one! However, the HD Contour Concealer is actually really good as well, as long as you’re okay with a more generic shade with lighter coverage. Plus it’s only $3, so like…how could you not test it out?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!