Full Face of Dollar Store Makeup

Hello everyone! I’m so excited about today’s post, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. As you can probably tell by the title, I attempted to do a full face of dollar store makeup. I spent a grand total of $12!! Basically, if one product was good it made it all worth it.

1. BB Cream and Concealer





I bought several brushes for this, and I attempted to use the flat concealer brush to apply my BB cream. It was definitely not big enough, so I ended up using the sponge in the makeup compact to finish applying it.

I purchased BB cream instead of foundation because I don’t typically wear full-coverage foundation. However, this stuff is THICK. It was incredibly hard to blend, and it smelled very strongly of chemicals. Not good.

My dollar store didn’t have concealer, so I used the compact very vaguely labelled “compact makeup”. Not a lot of information to go off of there. It worked okay, not great, but not terrible. It did a pretty decent job of covering up blemishes, but it creased under my eyes.

2. Bronzer and Highlighter




This bronzer was veryyy shimmery and orange-toned, but pigmentation wise it wasn’t bad. If you have a darker complexion and like shimmery bronzers than you may like this one!

They didn’t have any highlighter, so I got loose pigment in a sort of champagne color.


This stuff is amazing.

This is some of the best highlighter I’ve tried, I love it. It’s SO pigmented, and the color is gorgeous. Plus it’s only $1!! Definitely going to be purchasing more.

3. Eyeshadow and Mascara




I actually ended up really liking the look from this eyeshadow palette! I put it on about three hours ago and it still hasn’t creased. However, they aren’t very pigmented and you really have to dig into them with your brush. I used a light brown across my lid, medium brown on the outer half, dark brown in the crease, and dark brown and grey mixed in as a liner. I also put the loose pigment into my inner corner.

The mascara didn’t do much for me. It was very thin and took several layers to even build it up to a visible layer. If you’re looking for a very natural mascara you may like this one!

4. Lipstick


I didn’t get a close-up picture of this on my lips because it honestly looked so disgusting. The color isn’t terrible, but it sat in all the little cracks and creases and UGH it looked like I smeared clay on my lips. Not your best, e.l.f.

Here’s the final look!




All in all I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out! The foundation and lipstick have to be my least favorite things, but the rest of the products weren’t bad at all. Oh, and that “compact makeup”. M-kay. The highlighter and the tapered brush were my favorites!

Happy Thursday, I hope it was great. 😀

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