5 Disappointing Makeup Products

Hey guys! I try to keep my posts as positive as possible, but sometimes there are products that I genuinely dislike. I thought I would feature a few products that haven’t quite cut it for me the past couple of months. However, if these products work for you that’s great! Please don’t think that I’m hating on these brands, it’s just these specific products that don’t work for me.

1. Rimmel Pro Matte Foundation


This foundation….

It turned me orange.

And this is the shade “Ivory”.

I purchased this at Target, and this was the lightest shade available. I’m fairly tan-skinned, and considering this shade was too dark for me, I feel bad for very fair skinned gals that have tried this out.

Formula wise, it was CRAZY thick and hard to blend. It settled in all the lines and pores on my face.

Not a fan.

2. Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover


This product I’m a bit confused about. As I was looking it up to provide a link, I read through some of the reviews. I didn’t see any that talked about the problem I have! Maybe I received a bad batch or something.

This makes my eyes burn so badly. 😭 Considering that this is made specifically for eye makeup, that’s kind of a problem. Like I said, no one else seemed to have this problem, so perhaps I just received an extra-alcohol-y version. It “extra-alcohol-y” a word??

3. Revlon Lip Gloss


I’ve had this product for a while now, and I just can’t seem to get behind it. Revlon has a cult following for their lipsticks and glosses, but this one seems to be an exception. It’s excessively sticky and never seems to dry down. I know that lip gloss isn’t supposed to completely dry, but this feels like you smeared honey on your lips and called it “lip gloss”. It’s not a great feeling, to say the least.

4. Too Faced Melted Long Wear Liquid Lipstick


You may remember this lipstick from my Halloween blog post. While I love the color, the formula isn’t nearly as long-lasting as it claims. It’s quite dry and flakes off after a couple of hours. For the price ($22), you’d think that it would live up to its name a bit more.

5. Up&Up Beauty Sponge

I don’t have a picture of this as I recently threw it away. If you like very firm sponges then this might work for you, but I prefer soft, squishy ones such as beautyblenders or Real Techniques. It was very hard to blend out foundation and concealer, and it soaked up product like CRAZY.

That’s enough negativity for one blog post, don’t ya think? 😅

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Like I said in the beginning, if these products work for you that’s awesome, they just didn’t quite do it for me.

Happy Wednesday!


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