My Bucket List

Hey guys! As you’re reading this I’m on the road to GEORGIA! I’ve never been so I’m super excited to finally visit. It’s supposed to be warm this week which makes me happy because NC just can’t seem to realize that it’s spring.

I’ve never really had a “bucket list”. I attempted to make one when I was 12 I believe, with things like “sing with Mandisa” and “dance with the NYC ballet” on it. Completely realistic things, right? I decided it was about time for me to make an OFFICIAL bucket list for the next five years. In 2022 I’ll be 21, so I thought that would be a perfect time limit for these things. Some of them are related to my blog/Instagram, and some are personal.

Bucket List for the Next Five Years

1. Go to NYC

2. Stay up all night (Probably the only 16 year old who hasn’t done this already)

3. Meet 5 more myshes (inside joke, you know who you are)

4. Go to a concert

5. Get some of my writing published

6. Reach 10k instagram followers (we’re talking long term goals, so this is relatively realistic)

7. Get a car

8. Meet a major celebrity (Shawn Mendes, anyone?)

9. Dye my hair

10. Ride on a train

11. Go back to Disney World

12. Sing in the main service at church (currently only singing in my youth group)

13. Have someone recognize me in public for my blog/Instagram

14. Act in something (play, commercial, etc.)

15. Have a paid collaboration with a major brand

16. Go on a date

17. Start a YouTube channel (maybe maybe)

18. Be able to overhand serve in volleyball (I have 6 more months to learn this soooo better get started)

19. Go to Magnolia Silos (CHIP AND JO I LOVE YOU)

20. Watch all the Harry Potter movies (don’t hate me I still haven’t watched them)

There’s so many more things I’d like to do in the next few years, but these are my top 20. Also I may have used too many parentheses in that list…oh well. I think I still got my point across.

I hope you enjoyed reading these, and maybe you were inspired to make a bucket list of your own! If you were, please DM me over on my Instagram! I’d love to hear what’s on it.

Have a great Easter weekend, everyone!