Things I Loved in March

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great spring break. I just got back from Atlanta yesterday, and I had an amazing time. Expect a travel diary coming to the blog soon!

1. Photos with Fairy Lights





Sorry for the photo spam, but I’ve been seriously loving taking self portraits with fairy lights. Brandon Woelfel actually liked the last fairy light photo I posted on Instagram! I was so excited.

2. Warmer Weather


It’s finally warmer outside, which took wayyyy too long in my opinion. I’m so over the cold.

3. Benefit Blush Bar


I got this on the last day of March, so it still counts, right? This palette is seriously incredible. Firstly, it smells amazing. Secondly, it includes my holy grail bronzer. Thirdly, I’ve never found blush colors that work as well on my skin as these. I got this on sale for an amount that I don’t remember, but even $58 isn’t bad. It’s a $150 value!

4. Sleeping At Last

I’ve been listening to Sleeping At Last a lot over the past month. Their covers and original music are so stunning. This music is perfect for studying, or for relaxing before bed.

5. Writing Letters

Lately I’ve been writing to some of my lovely friends that I met in an online photo community called myshot. While the site is no longer active, we’ve connected over the past few months and recently started writing letters to each other! I love it so much more than texting or emailing – it’s a lot more personal.

6. Spending Time with Family


I was in GA this past week staying with my dad and half siblings, and it was amazing getting to spend time with them. I also got to hang out with my cousin Sophie! I have the greatest family.

7. Meeting An Internet Friend


Stuart is one of the Internet friends I mentioned I was writing letters to. I finally got to meet him last Sunday! You can check out his music here, it’s pretty awesome.

8. Graze Snack Boxes



I received my first Graze box in the mail this month! These snacks are seriously amazing. You can read my blog post about it here, and you can get your first box for FREE when you use this this link!

9. Christy and Todd: The Baby Years

My mom bought this for me as an Easter present, and it completely lives up to my expectations. I’ve been reading the Christy Miller series for years, so I’ve loved growing up with these characters. I highly recommend reading these!

10. Horchata Frappucino

Starbucks finally has the Horchata frappucino again, so you can bet I’m going to obsessively drink it while it’s available. Lately dairy has been bothering my stomach, so I love that this one comes with almond milk.

All in all, March was a pretty great month! Can’t wait to see what April has in store.

Hope you have a great weekend!