Interview with Sarah Therese

Hola muchachos! I’m SO excited to be bringing you this interview with my favorite beauty YouTuber, Sarah Therese! She is the absolute sweetest person and it was amazing getting to chat with her.

1. Hey Sarah! I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I’m so excited to be interviewing you. You’re for sure my favorite beauty YouTuber! What inspired you to start your channel?

I grew up always feeling like I was paired off with my sister in EVERYTHING. If one of us did something, the other did it too. I decided to start Youtube to do something different, and “pave my own path” as one might say. And with being homeschooled as well, I desired to get beyond my house and have a different taste of the world than what I had seen up to that point. Youtube was a place of discovery and creativity, some of my favourite things. And it was all in my control, and to be honest, I like being the boss!

2. If you could only use the same full face of products for the rest of your life, what products would you choose?

Hmmmmm tough one!!! Let’s see… Definitely, my RawSkinCeuticals Powder Foundation because it NEVER breaks me out and looks great on my oily skin. And I can’t live without my Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and It Cosmetics Super Hero Liner! So long wearing and incredible quality. As for brows, ANY Benefit brow product is a go to of mine. Highlight is pretty tricky but I got to give it to ABH Amrezy Highlighter. Smooth and glowy gorgeousness! For lips, Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme is ridiculous. Its like slathering coconut oil on your lips without the slick. AMAZING!

3. I’m trying to decide between purchasing the Soft Glam palette and the Modern Renaissance palette, do you have a favorite?

The similarities of shades in these two palettes is remarkable, but there is one thing that you should question yourself when deciding which one to add to your makeup stash. Are you one to be bold or get much use out of bold colours? If so, the Modern Renaissance Palette is for you. With four bright, punchy shades, amongst other basic neutrals, this palette is fun and for people that aren’t afraid of wild colour. But if you are like me and just live for soft, feminine, flattering looks then stop what you are doing, and go buy Soft Glam. Every shade offered is perfect for beginner makeup looks yet has the ability to grow with you to create full glam looks along the way. Both palettes are phenomenal, but if you take away my Soft Glam Palette, I am coming for you!

4. I love how you’re open about your faith on your channel. Is there a favorite Bible study you’ve been through that you recommend?

God is so good! Again, I love my channel because I can be creative and talk about what is important to me. Sharing my faith with others in such a simple way is a huge blessing! Any study by Jen Wilkin is highly recommended by yours truly. Her study on Hebrews really changed the way I read my Bible and has helped me to have a better grasp on the text I am reading. Jen works thru verse by verse with helpful audio commentary and teaching with a workbook included. She is very fun and has a huge heart for teaching ladies God’s powerful Word.

5. What are the products that are essential to your skincare routine?

I need to have a natural based moisturizer for my acne prone skin. Anything with harsh chemicals or silicones with break me out! I have also been LOVING Khiels Avocado Eye Cream for my dry under eyes and finish off my face with a rose water spray to calm my sensitive skin. My favourite is by Dr Hauschka, and all his products are biodynamic, which is even better than organic!

6. What is your go-to coffee order?

I don’t actually have a go-to coffee order! I only drink coffee a few times a week but when I do, it is a dark roast coffee with whipped almond milk and coconut palm sugar! And my husband usually makes it for me on the weekends, so fun!

7. Have you been loving any specific music lately?

Yes, Loud Harp is one of my favourite bands. Very beautifully composed music that has such deeply meaningful lyrics talking about Christ and His redemption for us. He talks about the Lord giving us “hope where there was none” and because of that, we are to rejoice!

8. Who are the YouTubers that you watch when you have some downtime?

I can easily say I love Jessica Braun for her realistic makeup and good reviews. She has such a sweet motherly way to her, which I am all about! Also, Kayla Lashae Vlogs are fun for me to watch. I love her cooking and am so jealous of how she literally works out everyday! I wish I had that much time! And of course, Myka Stauffer. Love watching a sweet Mama living her best life and taking care of her beautifully family with such a servant heart. She amazes me!

9. Is there a favorite video that you’ve made over the years?

To be honest, I can’t think of one! But I can say, I will NEVER upload a video I am not proud of. I am very picky and an extreme perfectionist. If I have filmed an entire video and have started the editing process, but think it isn’t 100%, then I delete it and try again. I only want to produce good content for my sweet subscribers. I like to give it my all!

10. What advice do you have for girls who are struggling with confidence in their appearance?

The only person who really cares about your imperfections such as your acne or cellulite or thin hair is YOU. No one else actually cares! Isn’t that CRAZY!? And those people who may hurt you, or belittle you over your insecurities, just so happen to have a lot of their own inward battles with their outward appearance that they are working on, and may even try to ignore by making others feel insignificant in their own skin. The best way to deal with your lack of confidence in yourself is to remember that God created you in His likeness. Think about that… You were designed after God! WHAAAA?! And He did that to show you what a great love He has for you. His beautiful child. I like to think, if I have the love of God in me and around me, what can make me feel anything else but remarkable?

Such great words from Sarah! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have a great week everyone!

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