The Ultimate Guide to Taking Instagram Photos

Hello everyone! As you may know, I’m an avid user of Instagram – you can check out my profile here. I love the photography-based platform, it allows for so much creativity and personalization. However, it can be hard to find inspiration for new content to post! I wrote this guide that will hopefully help you in your Instagram journey.

1. Seek Out Good Lighting

Lighting can make or break a photo. While editing can be done to change it, there’s only so much you can do to a completely washed out photo, or one covered in shadow. Here’s an example of good vs bad lighting:


See how the background is overly bright, and there are weird shadows all over my dress? That’s what you don’t want.


This lighting is even and much easier to look at. If there’s shade available, always take advantage of it! Direct sunlight can be super harsh.

2. Have a Prop

A prop isn’t always necessary, but it makes posing feel more natural. I like taking photos with food, flowers, etc. because the posing doesn’t look as forced.




3. Use a Self-Timer if You Don’t Have a Photographer

I use self-timers all the time! My mom typically takes the photos of me, but when I’m alone and don’t want to do the basic selfie, I take advantage of the self-timer. These photos were taken by myself in our guest bathroom!





4. Don’t Over-Edit

I love to edit my photos, but there is such a thing as over-editing. It can look fake if you adjust a photo too much, so keep it natural!

5. Use an Instgram/VSCO filter to Keep a Theme

If you want to have a feed with a cohesive color scheme, try using the same filter on all of your photos! This makes sticking to a theme a lot easier.

6. Wear Outfits That You Love and Make You Feel Confident

It’s hard to rock a photoshoot if you don’t feel confident! I always wear an outfit that I love when I’m taking photos. Here’s some of my favorite outfits!




7. Take LOTS So You Have Something to Work With

Why take one photo when you can take ten? Whoever your photographer is, ask them to take multiple photos of each pose in case you happened to be blinking in one, or were holding your arm in a strange position.

8. Don’t Overthink It

If you’re anything like me, you try way too hard sometimes during photoshoots. You don’t have to look like the cover of Vogue! Be natural, your followers want to see YOU.




Those are all the tips I have on taking Instagram photos! I hope you enjoyed this post, have a great weekend everyone!

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