First Impression of Profusion Makeup

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be testing out a makeup set I found at Target for EXTREMELY inexpensive. I’ve seen a lot of Profusion reviews around the blogosphere/YouTube over the past few months but haven’t had an opportunity to try it out for myself. I got my hands on this set a few days ago for $10 at Target and just had to try it. The colors looked so beautiful and I was hoping that there would be enough hidden gems to make it worth the money.


The packaging is very large and not practical for traveling, but I love the holographic foil on the outside! I’m a sucker for cute packaging.


This set includes two blushes, a highlight, a contour, a bronzer, 15 eyeshadows, a brush, a lip gloss, and a black eyeliner. The color selection is mostly warm toned with the exception of a couple of blue and purple eyeshadows.


I swatched a few of the colors to see how they performed, and they were gorgeous! The shimmers and mattes were both extremely pigmented. The pressed glitter shades weren’t quite as impactful, but I wouldn’t reach for these shades on an everyday basis anyways so that’s not a huge dealbreaker for me. Now let’s try them on the eyes!

First I applied “Polite”, a bone shade, all over the lid to set my eye primer. Next I went in with a mixture of “Heavenly” and “Outgoing” in the crease as my transition shades. These two were extremely pigmented and had quite a bit of fallout, but they blended well together and weren’t patchy at all. Next I pressed “Celestial”, a champagne shimmer, on the inner two-thirds of my eye to add some sparkle. Holy fallout….it’s a beautiful color, though. Last I blended “Fearless”, a burgundy, on the outer third and crease to create some more depth. This one wasn’t quite as pigmented but it was still pretty. I loved using the brush that came in the set to blend out the eyeshadows, it was so soft and fluffy! I’ll definitely be using it in the future.

I didn’t use the eyeliner because I personally don’t like pencil liners – I prefer liquid eyeliner. I swatched it on my hand and it seemed very pigmented and black, so if you like pencil liners then you’ll probably like this one.

Now onto the face makeup! First I applied the contour shade which worked pretty well – it was a little patchy but it blended out okay. After that I added some bronzer on top with a large fluffy brush….this is where it went a little downhill. I honestly looked like someone punched me in the face. It refused to blend. HOWEVER, I took it off and reapplied it with a much lighter hand and it looked halfway decent. It was still a bit orange and shimmery for my personal taste, but I feel like it would work for someone with a different skintone than mine. After the bronzer I applied some of the lighter, less shimmery blush to the apples of my cheeks and blended it upwards. It was very subtle, but pretty. The other blush was basically a pure highlight and it would have looked ridiculous on my face. 😬 I applied a little of the actual highlighting shade to my cheekbones but it was too deep for my skin as well. It also seemed very powdery and not as glowy as I personally like in a highlight.

Lastly, we have the lips. The gloss has a lot of shimmer in it and is very pretty, but you might as well mix Elmers glue and glitter together and apply it to your lips. It was unbelievably sticky. I prefer the Tarte Lip Bling Top Coat for a similar look that’s less sticky.

Here’s how the final look turned out!




Overall, I think the products are pretty good for the price! I will definitely be using the eyeshadows and brush again. I wasn’t a fan of the face products, but that could be because they didn’t match my skin tone. I plan on taking some of the shadows out of the pan and putting them in a magnetic palette so I can still enjoy them! I especially loved the champagne shimmer shade.

That’s it for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed it, I loved testing out these products for you guys. I plan on testing some more products from Profusion in the future so be sure to stick around and check those out! Have a great weekend everyone. ❤️

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