Gift Guide for the Homebody

Hey guys! I hope that you’ve been enjoying these gift guides so far. I find it so fun to discover all of these cute products to share with Y’all. Today I found 10 items under $50 for the girl who loves to stay at home! We all have that one friend that is happiest when she’s at home curled up under a blanket with a book and a cup of coffee. (Hint: I am that friend.) These gifts would be perfect for them!

1. UO Fleece Blanket $49

I have a pink fleece blanket like this one and I use it every day! It’s so soft and it’s big enough to cover my full-size bed.

2. Aerie Flannel Robe $30

This is such a darling robe! I love the mix of the two plaid prints, and since it’s flannel it must be super soft.

3. Aerie Sherpa Slippers $19

I’m not really a slipper gal but these are ADORABLE! The pom-poms really make the look, in my humble fashion opinion.

4. Target Fuzzy Socks $7

I’m pretty sure every girl would love a cute pair of animal-themed fuzzy socks.

5. Aeropostale Sherpa Sweatshirt $20

This sweatshirt is basically my dream clothing item – fuzzy, oversized, and hooded. I also love the mauve color!

6. TJ Maxx French Bulldog Mug $10

Is there even anything to be said about this mug except for the fact that you need it in your life? I didn’t think so. Imagine the Instagram photo opportunities.

7. Lush Bath Bomb $6

This is one of my favorite gifts to receive! They all smell great, and since they’re a little on the pricey side most people won’t buy them for themselves. If you know the person well you can pick one out in their favorite color/scent. If not, I recommend one like the one pictured with a more subdued floral/citrusy scent. 

8. Starbucks Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix $6

Hot chocolate is a staple during the holiday season! This would be a great gift paired with a cute mug and a bag of marshmallows.

9. Target Velour Pajama Pants $20

Sometimes velour can look a little…dare I say…old-ladyish. These pants aren’t that at all. These look soooo soft, I’d love to lounge around all day wearing them.

10. B&BW Candles $25

I included these in my last gift guide but I couldn’t resist featuring them again. These are truly the greatest candles I’ve ever tried. $25 is a bit steep for a single candle, but they go on sale often and there are usually coupons available through their emails. PLUS, they have a scent for literally every occasion so you can find something for everyone on your list. (Sounds a lil sponsored but it’s not. Although that would be amazing. @Bathandbodyworks hit me up please.)

That’s it for this gift guide! I hope you found it helpful. Stay tuned throughout the holiday season for more themed posts!