Makeup Products that Disappointed Me

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be sharing some products that didn’t quite make the cut for my everyday makeup bag. In fact, they didn’t make the cut for any of my makeup bags. They said hello to either the trashcan or to some of my friends that wanted to try the products out for themselves.

Now, before I get started, I think there needs to be a bit of a disclaimer. Just because I don’t like these products doesn’t mean that you can’t love them, or that I hate the brand! They just didn’t work out for me. Everyone has different preferences!

With that out of the way, let’s get on to the products that are now well-acquainted with the bottom of my wastebasket.

Tarte “Hampton’s Weekender” Contour Palette

At first glance, this is a stunning palette. It smells amazing and the packaging is adorable. However, the blush and contour are extremely pigmented…to the point where I looked like I had been punched in the face when I tried it for the first time. I wanted this palette to work so badly, but the pigmentation was too intense and the blendability wasn’t there. I’m wondering if my palette wasn’t pressed properly though, because it has a 5 star review on the Tarte website. I don’t know. All I know for sure is that I looked like I ended up on the wrong side of someone’s fist.

I recommend the Tarte Amazonian Clay individual pressed powders instead of this palette. That formula is a lot less powdery and much more blendable.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascar

I’m pretty sure that everyone’s mom has used this at some point. Can you relate?? My mom used to use it and I’d steal it out of her vanity to try it on myself. This was the first mascara I ever used and I think the only reason I loved it is because wearing makeup was still a novelty. Now that I’ve tried out other mascaras this one just doesn’t impress me anymore! It’s okay for a very natural lash look, but I prefer more dramatic lashes.

I recommend the Total Temptation mascara from Maybelline instead! It’s my all-time favorite mascara and it gives dramatic length and volume.

Wet’n’Wild Brow Pencil

I didn’t get rid of this one because the quality was bad, I got rid of it because the undertone doesn’t match my brows at all. The lightest shade they have is “Taupe”, which would look fabulous on a redhead but doesn’t look quite as fabulous on my cool-toned brows. All of the shades tend to lean warm so keep that in mind if you’re interested in this. However, the formula is very creamy and I enjoy it a lot! I just don’t have Anne of Green Gables’ hair to pull off the shade.

I recommend the ColourPop Brow Boss pencil because the shade range is much wider, and the formula is just as good.

Morphe M310 Fan Brush

I feel like I’m going to make some people upset by mentioning this but…I don’t care. I’m just not a fan of this brush. I’ve tried it out several times to see if I’m using it wrong, but no matter what I do I don’t like the result. It applies the highlighter very chunkily and doesn’t create a seamless blend into the skin.

I like using the Elf Tapered Highlighting Brush over the Morphe one because it applies the highlight with a much more smooth finish.

Physicians Formula Butter Blush in “Natural Glow”

I thought I was going to love this blush, but I was kind of disappointed when I realized that there was more shimmer than pigment to it. It reminded me of a very faint highlighter more than a blush. Now, I wasn’t planning on trashing this – I liked to use it as a natural highlight on no-makeup makeup days. However, I took it on a trip with me and it shattered in my makeup bag, covering everything in tiny specks of pink glitter. Glitter is great and everything, but not on the entirety of my makeup bag contents.

If you’re looking for a great shimmery blush, I recommend Gold Rush by Benefit. This is the blush that I use every day and it’s amazing! It has a subtle shimmer that doesn’t overpower the pigmentation.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I always enjoy reading about makeup that people dislike to see if we have some products in common. Let me know over on my Instagram what products you’ve recently tossed!

Have a great week everyone,

Hannah 🙂