Fun (Low-Budget) Things to Do with Friends

Hey friends! Thanks so much for the love on my latest post, It’s one of my most popular ones to date. If you want to check out my interview with Robert Irwin and Ashleigh Scully click here.

Today I’m going to be sharing some ideas for low-budget activities to do with your besties! I’m blessed to have a great group of friends, and I’d be totally down to do any (or all) of these things with them! (@ my friends, let’s hang out asap!!) These are all extremely budget-friendly, so don’t worry about your thin wallet. If you want advice like “buy matching Gucci bags” or “invest in real estate”, you’re in the wrong place.

1. Walk Around a Park

Where I live, there’s a beautiful lake with a walking path around it. It’s so nice to walk around when the weather is nice! You can even stop and take some aesthetic nature photos while you’re at it. Do it for the ‘gram, am I right ladies? (You know I am.)

2. Pick Out Outfits for Each Other

I’ve done this in the past and it’s sooo much fun. It’s funny to pick out outfits that you know the other person won’t wear. (It’s also a guarantee that they won’t be tempted to buy the clothes you pick out, so yay for not spending money.) So go for it, pair that sequined skirt with that plaid shirt and those platform heels. You never know, you could start a new trend. (Doubtful.)

3. Cook/Bake Something

Making cookies is especially fun to do with a group because everyone can decorate them however they want! I personally am terrible at decorating cookies, but it’s totally fine because I like eating them and ugly cookies taste exactly the same. Pizza would also be super fun because it’s so customizable. I’ve never made homemade pizza but I really want to try it sometime!

4. Give Each Other Makeovers

I did this with two of my friends – I drew a line down the middle of my face with eyeliner and they had a contest to see which side was better. Needless to say, the final look was…how do I put this nicely…interesting. Neither of them wear makeup on a regular basis anyways, so it wasn’t exactly blog-worthy. It was loads of fun, though.

5. Do a Bible Study Together

My group of friends is doing this right now and it’s been so amazing! We meet once a week to discuss a chapter of Proverbs. Doing a Bible study with a group is great for accountability, especially if you have trouble with consistency. That’s definitely something I struggle with and having a good group supporting me has helped a lot.

6. Have a Netflix Marathon

Pick whoever’s house has the comfiest couch and binge-watch away! Necessities: popcorn, chips, ice cream, pizza, fuzzy blankets, and lotssss of pillows. My favorite shows are Heartland, When Calls the Heart, and Boy Meets World (on Hulu). All of them are 100% worth spending the night staring at a screen for.

7. Volunteer Together

Work is a lot more fun when you’re doing it with people you love! Check with your local soup kitchen, pregnancy center, or after-school care center to see if they need volunteers. It’s rewarding to know you’re helping people, and it’s even more fun to do next to your friends.

8. Explore Your Town Like a Tourist

When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you get used to a lot of the features that make your town unique. It can be super fun to hit the high points of the city – local coffee shops, landmarks…try it out! You might be surprised at what is right next door.

9. Have an In-House Dance Party

Crank the (clean) Post Malone and Drake in your bedroom and shake your bootayyyy. Glowsticks are recommended but not necessary. Bonus points if you can attach a disco ball to your ceiling fan.

10. Lay on a Blanket and Look at the Stars

Stargazing is a timeless way to enjoy time with friends. I live in a house surrounded by a lot of pine trees that block most of the sky, so it’s always a novelty when I get to see the stars.

I hope you got some inspiration for fun things to do with your #squad! Have a great week, everyone. 🙂