What It’s Really Like to Be a Jadelynn Brooke Rep

Hey y’all! Welcome back to the blog. Today I’m sharing a post that’s been very highly requested – my thoughts on the Jadelynn Brooke rep program! This is my second semester being a rep for them and it’s been an incredible experience. Most of it has been positive, but there have been a couple of negatives that I’ll share with you later on. I hope you find this helpful in deciding whether or not you’d like to apply next semester, or maybe you’re just interested in seeing what all the hype is about!

What is the Application Like?

The application is fairly simple, but to get the best results I recommend going SUPER in depth in your responses. It asks questions about where you live, where you go to school, why you want to be a rep, what your favorite JLB products are, etc. Think of it like a job application – you want to make your best qualities and your personality shine through so they can truly know who you are! They used to ask about what classes you took and what extracurriculars/clubs you were apart of, but they don’t do that anymore which I appreciate. I was homeschooled in high school so I didn’t have a ton of outside involvement besides volleyball, volunteering, and church.

Is it Hard to Get Accepted?

Honestly, I would say yes. I applied every semester in high school and only got accepted the spring semester of my senior year. It can be super frustrating when you don’t get accepted but just know that they have SO many other girls applying! Thousands of girls apply each semester, and that number has just gotten bigger over time. They definitely wish they could accept everyone but they have to do what’s best for the brand. In the end, while this is still an amazing and fun opportunity, it’s also a business deal and the business side of things needs to be the primary reason for accepting girls into the program. Jadelynn Brooke is so generous in what they send out and they want to make sure they’re sending products to girls who will have high-quality posts featuring them! If you want to increase your chance of getting accepted, let your personality shine in the application, have a well-photographed Instagram that is full of happy vibes, and try and build up your following as much as you can. They do accept girls with lower follower counts but I think that it helps to have a higher following in addition to the other criteria.

What Happens When You Get Accepted?

You will get a DM and an email from them congratulating you for being accepted! They send such a kind message and tell you that another email will be arriving soon with more information. It typically takes about a week for the next email to come in about sizing/address/etc. You fill out this form ASAP and the rep boxes get sent out 1-2 weeks later!

So…What Actually is in a Rep Box?

At the beginning of each semester, the rep box is the biggest because they want you to have enough stuff to post about! Here is what I received in all of my boxes:

Spring Semester – First Box:

-Four Shirts


-Quote Box




Spring Semester – Second Box

-Two Shirt

-Hair Scarf

-Jewelry Tray

-Sticky Notes

Spring Semester – Third Box

-Jewelry Tray

-Two Shirts

-Tote Bag


Fall Semester – First Box

-Four Shirts

-Fanny Pack

-Sticky Notes

-Phone Wallet


-Coffee Mug

-Sticker Book

-Individual Stickers

Whew, that was a lot! In total, I’ve received 12 shirts in four rep boxes along with a tonnn of other cute stuff. They’re so incredibly generous with what they send and it’s seriously amazing.

What Do You Have to Do Once You Get the Box?

In the past you’ve had to post once a week, but this semester they sent out a calendar with scheduled posting days. I will say that I enjoyed the freedom of being able to post about whatever I wanted last semester, but I totally understand they need to prioritize their brand and make sure the latest products are being consistently promoted! You also have to engage with their Instagram posts/stories/lives and follow all of their sister brands.

Has There Been Anything Negative in My Experience?

There hasn’t been anything big enough to keep me from applying again next semester! It can be difficult to keep up with the scheduled posts, but if I write them down in my planner and I know they’re coming I try to take the photos in advance. Also, when you have a giant group of girls in high school/college in a group chat, there is bound to be some drama. I can’t stand drama so this has been a bit frustrating for me if I’m being honest. However, I try my best to completely stay out of it which has worked for the most part.

What Has Been My Favorite Part?

I’ve loved being able to connect with girls around the country! It’s great having a girl gang to hype you up on your Instagram photos or to go to when you need advice. The sisters (Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke) that run the brand are also so amazing and sweet. Plus, the items they send out are AMAZING!

Would I Recommend Becoming a JLB Rep?

110%! I’m so grateful I’ve gotten to experience it the past year and I plan on applying until I graduate college. If you love social media and want to spread one of the happiest brands ever to your followers, I highly recommend applying. If you don’t get accepted the first time, don’t give up! I applied 7 (7!!) semesters before being accepted. Work on the time in between applications to better your Instagram quality and content.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any more specific questions feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram.

Love y’all!

Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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