Life Lately: College, Christmas, and PR Packages

Hey friends! Welcome back to the blog. It’s been a minute since my last post…did ya miss me? I definitely missed you guys. Life hasn’t been the same without writing blog posts but I’ve hardly had a minute to breathe with working every day and a full-time college schedule. I haven’t done a “Life Lately” post since April….oh my. That’s a lot to catch up on. Buckle up, folks, this is going to be a long one.

I Graduated High School

FREEDOM! Jk, I have more school now than ever. College work is significantly harder than high school work – shocker, I know. Fun story, I woke up on my graduation day and immediately starting throwing up. I thought “wow, my anxiety for public speaking has hit a whole other level,”. Ah, nope. I infected almost everyone I hugged at my graduation, including my boyfriend. At least I made it through my speech without barfing, right? That’s got to count for something. The saddest part was that we ordered special coffee cupcakes for the reception and all I could eat was a grape…which I promptly threw up about .5 seconds after eating it. It was pathetic.

I Worked a Full Time Job

My first full-time job, actually. I worked 11 hour shifts three days a week, sometimes more. Getting up at 6 AM to go to work is not my favorite thing in the world but I felt like a freaking GIRL BOSS. With a venti coffee in my hand, I was ready to take on the world at 6 AM. At least the first few days until the newness wore off. I was a director at a summer camp so in the morning I worked with kids but in the afternoon I worked at the front desk and interacted with the parents. In my extremely vast experience (like two years) of working in childcare, the parents are more difficult than the kids 99.999% of the time. Regardless, I absolutely loved my job and hope to do something similar next summer. Plus, my boss was (and is) a total rockstar and now she is one of my best friends!

I Got Accepted into My Degree Program at Liberty

I got my acceptance letter from the School of Education which was a huge burden lifted! I did dual-enrollment with Liberty last year but I was still slightly nervous I wouldn’t actually get accepted into the school. Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about that for long and I was officially accepted. Since my acceptance, I enrolled in (and passed) 6 classes! I’ve been able to achieve a 4.0 GPA in all of my classes with Liberty so far and, to be honest, I’m really proud of myself for that. It’s important to pat yourself on the back sometimes! *pat pat*

I’m Officially an Adult

I’M AN ADULT NOW, BABY! My first act of adulthood independence was to go and buy a lottery ticket. That’s the only thing I’ve done that’s remotely exciting with my new title of “adult”. Cigarettes are for sure not my thing, and if I ever get a tattoo it’s going to be so tiny you’ll need a magnifying glass to see it.

I Started My First Regular Job

After school started back I began to work at a daycare in the afternoons. I’m getting my degree in Early Childhood Education so this job has been incredibly beneficial to me in gaining workplace experience. I have my own little class of seven three-year-olds and they’re pretty much the cutest beings ever. Except maybe when they snot on me or poop in their pants…that ruins the cute factor a little bit.

I Got My Drivers License

I know what you’re thinking. “Hannah, aren’t you 18? Shouldn’t you have gotten that 2 years ago?” Yes, yes I am 18. Very observant of you. However, I didn’t like driving very much so I didn’t get my hours in to actually get my license on time. Some of you may also remember the fact that I got in a car accident last December so after that I pretty much stopped driving altogether for a decent amount of time. Two days after I turned 18 I swallowed my fear and passed my drivers test! The DMV person I had was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she really calmed my nerves. She still let me pass even though the very first thing I did after getting in the car was to reverse out of my parking spot at about 50 miles an hour…my bad. I totally nailed it after that. Honestly, it kind of scares me that some people don’t pass these driving tests because you literally have to drive on two streets and stop at a stop sign. If you can’t do that much then there’s a problem. I don’t have my own car yet but my family is going to start to look for one after the first of the year!

I Hit 1.5 Years With my Guy

YAY US! We’re killing the game. Who would have thought the little dorks who were friends in third grade would actually make it in the real world? Look how cute we are! I, for one, am a fan.

I Did Too Much Online Shopping

You know what they say – there is nothing new under the sun. Black Friday sales? Might as well just give Forever 21, Shein, American Eagle, and Jadelynn Brooke my bank account information and say “have at it”. I got a butt ton of cute stuff though so I have 0 regrets.

I Found Out I’m Going to Disney

My dads family, my boyfriend, and I are all going to Disney after Christmas next year! I haven’t been in 11 years so it’s safe to say I’m very excited. This experience will be a lot different because I’m actually tall enough to ride things now and I also won’t feel the need to meet/take photos with/get autographs from every character I run across.

I Found Jeans That Actually Fit Me

It’s a Christmas miracle! American Eagle recently came out with some new jeans that are “curvy” but still have small sizes and they’re the BOMB. I get a size 0 curvy and they’re hands down the best jeans I’ve ever worn. No gapping = happy Hannah.

I Got a PR Package in the Mail

This actually happened today and I’m still a little in shock. As y’all may remember, I worked with Tarte twice a couple of years ago and it was super fun! Those packages were just a couple of products in a regular mailer box. Not today…right when I came downstairs this morning, the FedEx guy was leaving a big box on our front porch. It said it was from Tarte and I was very confused because I hadn’t ordered anything from them. I opened it and it was a full PR package for a new line from Sugar Rush x Tarte! DAY. MADE. I still am not quite sure how or why I received it but I’m certainly not complaining.

Wow, that was a lot of typing. My fingers are starting to cramp a little. I hope you enjoyed this post, it was fun to catch you up on everything that I’ve been up to lately! Love you guys 🙂

Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know!

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