How to be a VSCO Girl on a Budget

Hey guys! If you’re involved in the Instagram/YouTube world at all I’m sure you know about the “VSCO girl” craze. I personally love this style but it involves a lot of expensive brands/lifestyle choices that most minimum-wage earning teens can’t afford. I decided to write a post with tips and tricks on how to become the ultimate VSCO girl on a budget to help out all of y’all in the same boat as me! (The “I’m in school and work a part time job that barely pays for gas and my phone bill* boat, in case you were wondering.)


For the love of all things budget-friendly VSCO, don’t buy scrunchies from Urban Outfitters for $12 for a pack of 3. I ordered two jumbo packs on Amazon for about $8 and received 50+…no one cares if your scrunchies are brand-name or not. These velvet ones are great basics and these floral ones are perfect for dressing up a plain outfit!


I will never (ever) spend over $30 on a water bottle. Like, what even. Target has look-alikes for $12! If you’re going to cover it in stickers anyways, why would you pay $30+? This is also a better option if you want to paint it because if you mess up you’re not risking your crazy expensive bottle…you’re just risking a marginally expensive water bottle. That’s better, right?

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida has frequent sales so if what you’re wanting isn’t on sale just wait a few weeks! You can also find their ambassadors on Instagram if you want to use a discount code. Another option is making your own friendship bracelets! Pinterest has tons of patterns that you can make with embroidery thread.

Graphic Tees

Pretty please don’t drop $35 on a graphic tee from Urban. Yes, they’re cute. Yes, they’re also soft. Just resist. I believe in you. Unless you have a giftcard, then buy enough graphic tees to satisfy your sksksksk-ing heart. (Only true VSCO girls will understand.) You can find dupes for their shirts at stores like Target and Marshalls! Click the images if you’d like to have a closer look.

Mario Badescu Sprays

These actually aren’t as expensive as you might think – I believe the full size is around $15. However, at the checkout of most Ulta’s, you can find little travel sized ones for $5! These are just as cute (if not more cute cause they’re teensy) as the full sizes and you can try out more kinds! My personal favorite is the rosewater spray but I also enjoy the aloe spray after being in the sun for too long.


I will admit, I own a pair of Vans I think they’re worth the money. They’re incredibly comfy and they’re really great quality. That being said, there are multiple options for knock-offs on the market.

Puka Shell Necklaces

I actually don’t own one of these but I do like how they look. I showed one to my mom and she mocked it because they were popular when she was my age…everything comes back around eventually, so it seems. And I oop – (Again, only true VSCO girls understand.) These can be pricey if you buy them at the beach but Amazon has them for under $10!


Nope, I can’t spend over $100 on sandals. I just can’t allow myself to do that in good conscience. $100 can get me a lot of lattes. I’ve been wearing this $20 pair from Target basically all summer and they’re still going strong. They’re seriously some of the comfiest shoes you’ll ever wear!

Film Cameras

According to the VSCO girl, film is *more aesthetic* than digital. Not sure how I feel about that, but I do think film is a fun way to try out new photography skills. Regular Polaroid cameras can go upwards from $75 so here is a cheaper option ($16 for 2) to start your film-developing journey!

Well, my friends…I hope this has been helpful. Do you feel prepared to take on your VSCO girl lifestyle yet? Hopefully this post will allow you to fulfill your aesthetic feed dreams without murdering your bank account.