Hello friends! Welcome to my little space on the Internet. My name is Hannah and I’m so happy that you chose to spend time with me this evening.

That sounded kind of like a hostess greeting at a restaurant…sorry to be so formal. I guess I’m just a little nervous about this blogging thing. Just bear with me as I try to figure it out.

Anyways, like I said, my name is Hannah. I’m 15 years old (turning 16 in two weeks!), I live in the fabulously humid state of NC, and I’m an introvert that likes people. An oxymoron, I know.

A few random facts about me:

-I’m going into my junior year as a homeschooler.

-I won’t admit to being basic, even though Starbucks and Adidas Superstars manage to sneak their way into my Instagram feed more than I would like.


-After the beloved pink drink, my Starbucks order is an iced almond milk macchiato with cinnamon dolce syrup, in case you were wondering. You probably weren’t though. I apologize. Continue.

-I love high end fashion and makeup, but my one true love is the clearance section of any store. When you’re living off of minimum wage, you can’t exactly pay a thousand bucks for a Gucci bag, you feel me?

-Photography is one of my biggest passions, so you’ll definitely be seeing some of that in the weeks to come. That is, if you stick around and subscribe. 😉

-Other than that I’m not that interesting of a person, so I guess I’ll end here.

That’s it to wrap up the first blog post! I’m so excited guys, you have no idea. Pretty please come back and join me again! ❤

Until next time,

Hannah 🙂