I Will in 2018

Well, this is it. The last day of 2017. It's gone by so incredibly fast. I always make resolutions at the beginning of the year, but by the end, I'm eating frozen pizza and watching Netflix too much, regardless of what I "resolved" to do. This year is going to be different. I'm about to … Continue reading I Will in 2018

End of the Year Roundup

It's only a few more days until the beginning of 2018, so I thought I would collect some of my most popular posts into a recap of 2017! I've had a blast writing for you the last several months. Top 5 Beauty Products In this post I featured five beauty products I can't live without. … Continue reading End of the Year Roundup

What I Got for Christmas 2017

Hey guys! I had such an amazing time spending Christmas with my family and friends, and I hope you all can say the same. Today I'm going to share some of the things I received! I wanted to start out by saying that I'm not trying to come across like I'm bragging - I'm so … Continue reading What I Got for Christmas 2017

Christmas Eve Tag

Stop the presses. IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! How did this happen?? Last I looked it was January 1, 2017!! Today I'm going to be answering the Christmas Eve tag, created my sweet blogger friend Blurred Wanderlust. 1. What time do you go to bed on Christmas Eve? My regular time, so I guess around 11! When … Continue reading Christmas Eve Tag

10 Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas

6 days until Christmas?? That's so crazy. I hope most of you are done with your Christmas shopping by now, but I know that stocking stuffers aren't always purchased until almost Christmas Eve, at least in my house. Here are a few ideas in your search for the perfect pint-sized gifts! 1. Mini Eyeshadow Palette … Continue reading 10 Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Q&A – Makeup, Ice Cream, Kittens, and More!

Hello everyone! I love talking to you guys, and it's so fun to hear the questions you have for me! Today I'm going to be answering some questions that have been messaged to me through my Instagram. 1. How do you recommend saving money on makeup? I buy a lot of drugstore makeup, so that … Continue reading Q&A – Makeup, Ice Cream, Kittens, and More!

5 Ways to Unwind

Holidays are stressful. Honestly they shouldn't be, but I know at least I'm guilty of getting so caught up in the chaos of buying gifts for everyone, baking Christmas cookies, and making sure the boxes are at least somewhat decently wrapped. Here are five ways to unwind during the craziness of the holiday season. 1. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Unwind

Interview with Madison MacGregor

Happy Saturday! I hope you're having a great weekend so far. Today I'm SO excited to be sharing an interview I recently had with Madison MacGregor. She portrays "Cassandra" on the Disney Channel/Family Channel show "Backstage". I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to talk to Madison, she's so sweet and I know you … Continue reading Interview with Madison MacGregor