My Spring Playlist…Let’s Jam Together

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. Today I'm going to be sharing the songs that are on my ULTIMATE spring playlist! I haven't done a playlist post in a while so I'm going to be combining some of my favorite songs from the past few months. I hope you love it as much as … Continue reading My Spring Playlist…Let’s Jam Together

July Playlist

Hey guys! Sorry this post is coming like three weeks late. 😅 It took me this long to find a good mix of songs to share with you all! I hope you like them. 1. There For You - Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan 2. We Never Change - Coldplay 3. Feel Again - OneRepublic 4. … Continue reading July Playlist

May Playlist

Hey guys! Who else is excited that it's Friday? 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Although I'm taking the SAT tomorrow morning, so that's not exactly relaxing. 🙃 Today I'm going to share my playlist of the month! I've been loving these songs lately and hope you will as well. 1. Strawberry Wine - Deana Carter 2. For The First … Continue reading May Playlist

April Playlist

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, and that your Monday wasn't too...well...Monday-ish. One way I get through tough days is by listening to an awesome playlist! These are the songs I've been loving this month. You can listen to the whole playlist here. 1. These Days - Rudimental ft. Macklemore and Jess … Continue reading April Playlist

6 More Songs You’ve Never Heard

I love finding new songs and artists. A few months ago I posted about 6 Songs You’ve Never Heard, and you guys seemed to love it! Here are six more of my favorites that I bet you haven't heard! You can listen to the playlist here. 1. American Dreamer - Kyd the Band This is … Continue reading 6 More Songs You’ve Never Heard

5 Ways to Unwind

Holidays are stressful. Honestly they shouldn't be, but I know at least I'm guilty of getting so caught up in the chaos of buying gifts for everyone, baking Christmas cookies, and making sure the boxes are at least somewhat decently wrapped. Here are five ways to unwind during the craziness of the holiday season. 1. … Continue reading 5 Ways to Unwind

Christmas Playlist 2017

Merry Christmas!!! Oh, not yet? Whoops. I love Christmas. One of my FAVORITE things about the holidays is listening to Christmas music! I made a Christmas playlist with all my favorite songs on Spotify that I hope you guys love. The songs below and many more are on it! I've been listening to it nonstop … Continue reading Christmas Playlist 2017