8 Ways to Make This Summer Count

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog. Today I’m going to be talking about some different ways you can really make this summer your best one yet. I know it’s tempting just to sit back and watch Netflix beside the pool all summer long, but I for one really want to make a difference this summer! I hope this post inspires you to make this summer your best and most productive one yet.

Get a Job

I’m sure a lot of you are already employed, but if not, what’s stopping you from making some money this summer? I will be working at the day camp at my church with the first-grade class and I’m super pumped about it. Working with kids is my FAV! If you can’t find an “official” job, try babysitting, washing cars, pet sitting, or mowing lawns! It may seem like a lot of effort but it’s worth it when you’re finally able to purchase something you’ve been saving up for. I’ll be working 11 hour shifts this summer which will seem pretty tiring at the time, but when I’m able to purchase a car I know I’ll be grateful that I did it.

Volunteer Somewhere

Working isn’t all about the money. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and go serve your community! The ultimate reward is knowing that you’re helping positively impact the lives of others. One of my favorite places to volunteer is in the 3 year old class at my church. Without volunteers to watch the kids, the parents wouldn’t be able to focus on the sermon and would probably not attend church as often! It’s great knowing that I’m not only teaching kids about the Bible but I’m allowing their parents to learn more as well.

Learn Something New

Whether it be a sport, an art, or a cooking style, I love to try new things out during the summer. Have you always wanted to learn how to play tennis? Go for it! Have you always thought drawing with pastels looked fun but you think you’ll be bad at it? Try it anyways! This summer I’m going to be teaching myself how to bake bread and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to try out something I’ve never done before.

Work Out

You don’t have to have a gym membership to work out! I like doing cardio at home while following along to YouTube videos. Being active really helps me feel more confident and strong. Set small goals for yourself and don’t overdo it. “I will run 1 mile and then do 50 jumping jacks.” By setting realistic goals, you will feel accomplished when you complete them but you won’t feel defeated if your goal was too ambitious.

Quit Something

Anything. A bad habit, a junk food, a toxic friend. Eliminating things from your life one at a time will ultimately result in a happier life for yourself. However, don’t try to cut out everything at once! Maybe this summer focus on eliminating soda from your diet, and once school starts back you can work on not biting your nails. If we try and eliminate all negative aspects of our lives at one time we’re going to fall back on them much more quickly. Be reasonable and gentle with yourself as you try to reach that goal of total elimination.

Switch Up Your Style

Wearing the same outfits day after day can be tiring. If you don’t feel confident in something, don’t wear it! Sometimes adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe can give you an extra confidence boost. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, check out consignment stores and Goodwill for inexpensive pieces. I love shopping at stores like these because the hunt for the perfect item is so much fun! It’s extremely satisfying to finally find a piece that you’ve been looking for for ages. Are you usually an avid denim wearer but are getting tired of the same old blue? Buy some linen or cotton pants instead! Have you been wearing one-piece bathing suits for years but finally want to branch out? Check out cute tankinis or high-waisted bikinis! The possibilities are truly endless.

Make a New Friend

Making new friends is something that’s really hard for me but it’s so rewarding when you actually go through with it. I’ve made a lot of new friends through being a Jadelynn Brooke rep and it’s been amazing meeting other girls with similar interests to my own! If you see a person online or in person that you want to get to know better don’t be afraid to reach out to them! You never know what friendships will end up lasting a lifetime.

Read a Book

I’m an avid reader but I know that a lot of my peers aren’t! Reading is a great way to “escape” reality for a while. If you want some recommendations you can reach out to me on Instagram and I’ll send you some based on your interests!

I hope this post inspires you to do something exciting with your summer! Let me know if you try any of these things and how they affect your summer. 🙂 Have an amazing week, everyone!